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1 million - Poco Rabanne

1 million - Poco Rabanne

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"1 Million - Poco Rabanne" Spanish fashion designer

"Black Edition"

Seductive pull, irresistible. There is never too much gold for 1 million. A bad boy who sees life as BIG. Otherwise what would be the meaning of life? Doesn't stick to anyone but his fantasies. Golden Rule. And he gets what he wants. In no time. His mascot: a bar. Its scent: a blazing suction. A scent that stimulates. And literally captivating.

Upcycling - Handmade decoration from a perfume bottle.
Add a luxurious touch to your interior with this special bottle.

Luxury for all senses: perfume bottles. As precious as the exquisite contents, as elaborate the container: a perfume bottle is more than just the bottle in which the fragrance is located . Eye-catching, elegant and luxuriously designed bottles are eye-catchers and stylish. This empty bottle embodies the quintessence of exquisite fragrance culture. Although empty, it still exudes the shine and elegance that characterize this renowned fragrance.

If you are already a fan of this exquisite perfume, this bottle will remind you of the unforgettable moments you experienced with this perfume.

Falcon cast in epoxy resin, streaks breaking symmetry and cool clarity.

Dimensions 28cm x 29cm
Weight: 0.9kg

- for indoor use
- not suitable for damp rooms

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